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This paper reviews Lee Martin's novel, " Quakertown ", the story of racism in the 1920s in a small black community in Texas which was segregated from the white communities near it at that time. The novel is based on what many consider to be a very shameful incident in the story of Texas history when a city decided that a park would be a better use for the land than allowing black people to live on it. It looks at the theme of racism in Martin's novel and applies it to the information that has been passed down through history about the events that happened at Quakertown. It shows how a complete understanding of what Martin is trying to say can only come from examining history and seeing that the information he gives in his book is not just a fairy tale.
"Martin's novel not only talks about the racism that runs rampant through the societies, but also about the intricate feelings and emotions that these two people must deal with as they grow to become adults and realize their feelings for one another. His novel is well liked by critics who feel that he has not only captured a little bit of Texas history, but has also captured the delicate feelings and emotions that those who choose to step across racial or other barriers must be prepared for (Fleming, 2001)."
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